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Charlie Bears - Adelaide Fox - Bearhouse Bears
Adelaide is a 13" Australian wild fox made from orange, brown and white plush. She ha..
Charlie Bears - Adora Guinea Pig - Bearhouse Bears
Charlie Bears - Alyssa
Alyssa is a 11" teal and cream Charlie Bear panda. She has wobble joints, sculptured ..
Charlie Bears - Aunty B
Aunty B is a 20" soft whites and powdery pink Charlie Bear panda. She has a..
Charlie Bears - Bakewell
Bakewell is a 12.5" cherry red and cream tipped Charlie Bear. She has a hand sti..
Charlie Bears - Bamse
Bamse is a 18" green and white plush Charlie Bear panda. He has a hand stit..
Charlie Bears - Barnum
Barnum is a 20.5" white with grey tipping clown Charlie Bear. He has a hand stitched&..
Charlie Bears - Beagan
Beagan is a 6" bear. He is made from warm honey shades of brown mohair. He ..
Charlie Bears - Bean Sprout
Bean Sprout is a 6" bear. He is made from green and brown mohair. He wear a ..
Charlie Bears - Bear Therapy
Bear Therapy is a 5" black and tan plush Charlie Bear. Charlie Has created a wonderfu..
Charlie Bears - Bear-illiant
Bear-illiant is a 5" caramel and white plush Charlie Bear. Charlie Has created a wond..
Charlie Bears - Bian
Bian is a 6" bear. He is made from moonlight blue mohair. He wear a necklace wit..
Charlie Bears - Billie
Billie is a 11" brown plush Charlie Bear. He has wobble joints, sculptured paws and a..
Charlie Bears - Boynton
Boynton is a 11" soft grey and pink Charlie Bear. She has a hand stitched n..
Charlie Bears - Bryce
Bryce is a 21.5" chocolate brown and coffee soft plush Charlie Bear. He has..
Charlie Bears - Butterscotch
Butterscotch is a 8" butterscotch coloured plush bear by Charlie Bears. She..
Charlie Bears - Candice
Candice is a 15" brown and cream Charlie Bear panda. She has a hand stitched nos..
Charlie Bears - Cara
Cara is a 15" Pink, grey and Black Charlie Bear panda. She has a hand stitched n..
Charlie Bears - China
China is a 18.5" black Charlie Bear bull. He has a white hooves and horns with a long tail..
Charlie Bears - Clothes Peg
Clothes Peg is a 6" bear. He is made from yellow shades of mohair. He wear a&nbs..

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