2018 Collection

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Charlie Bears - Adrian
Adrian is a 20" multi toned brown Charlie Bear panda. He has a hand stitched&nbs..
£75.00 £60.00
Charlie Bears - Antic Bearhouse Bears
Antic the chipmunk is 12" made from brown plush Charlie bear. He wears a bow aro..
£40.00 £34.00
Charlie Bears - April Lamb - The Easter Parade Collection
April is a 13" Charlie bears lamb. She has a hand embroidered nose and brown eyes. She wears a spott..
£50.00 £39.00
Charlie Bears - Bessie
Bessie is a 19.5" pale brown and white plush Charlie bear. She has a hand embroidered..
£75.00 £60.00
Charlie Bears - Brady
Brady is a 20" two tone brown plush Charlie bear panda. He has a hand stitched nose and sculpte..
Charlie Bears - Bundle
Bundle is a 15.5" multi coloured plush Charlie bear. He has a hand embroidered n..
Charlie Bears - Chewy Bearhouse Bears
Chewy is a 13.5" llama made from white and beige plush Charlie bear. She has brown ho..
Charlie Bears - Chillblaine
Chillblaine is a 16" white plush polar Charlie bear. He has a hand embroidered nose a..
Charlie Bears - Chippy Bearhouse Bears
Chippy is a 13.5" beaver made from brown thick plush Charlie bear. He has b..
Charlie Bears - Chutney
Chutney is a 15.5" Leopard print plush Charlie bear. He has a hand stitched nose and ..
£55.00 £49.00
Charlie Bears - Dennis
Dennis is a 21" black and white plumo Charlie Bear panda. He has a hand stitched..
Charlie Bears - Denny
Denny is a 12" black and grey Charlie Bear panda. He has a hand stitched no..
Charlie Bears - Dippy Egg Chick - The Easter Parade Collection
Dippy egg is a 7" creamy beige plush Charlie Bear chick. He has a beak and dark eyes. He wears a che..
£26.00 £20.00
Charlie Bears - Egg Cup - The Easter Parade Collection
Egg cup is a white and yellow  Charlie Bear large shell. Perfect to hold Scrambles duckling or ..
Charlie Bears - Egg Shell - The Easter Parade Collection
Egg shell is a white and yellow Charlie Bears small shell. Perfect size to hold Dippy Egg or Easter ..
Charlie Bears - Ernest
Ernest is a 16" grey pile plush Charlie Bear. He has a hand stitched nose. ..
£50.00 £45.00
Charlie Bears - Fisher Bearhouse Bears
Fisher is a 13" otter made from different shades of brown plush Charlie bear. He..
Charlie Bears - Grover
Grover is a 13.5" grey and red plush and mohair (plumo) Charlie bear. He has a&n..
£55.00 £50.00
Charlie Bears - Hakatan
Hakatan is a 15.5" black and cream Charlie Bear. He has a hand stitched nose. He..
Charlie Bears - Hank
Hank is a 11" grey plush Charlie Bear hippo. He has a black eyes and wears a key..
£45.00 £40.00

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