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Charlie Bears - Best Friend
Best Friend is a part of the brand new “Puppy Love” mini series within the plush collection. He..
Charlie Bears - Breadcrumb
Breadcrumb is a 6.5" bear. She is made from soft neutral mohair. She wears a necklace with buttons a..
£70.00 £59.00
Charlie Bears - Bryony
Bryony is a 13" rabbit Charlie bear. Her face and chest are powdery white and feel luxurious to..
£46.00 £30.00
Charlie Bears - Cassie
Cassie is a 8" dog made from a mixture of mohair and alpaca. She has perky little ears and wear..
£90.00 £68.00
Charlie Bears - Catnip
Catnip is a 8" cat. She has a brilliant white coat, bright blue eyes, a tiny pink nose and a lovely ..
£90.00 £68.00
Charlie Bears - Downton Bearhouse Bears
Downton the pig is a 19.5" Charlie bear, made from soft pink plush. He has chubby scu..
Charlie Bears - Emil
Emil is a 19.5" grey, brown and black plush Charlie bear. He has a deep dark walnut paw pads and a h..
Charlie Bears - Herbs
Herbs is a 14.5 black and grey plush hare Charlie bear. He has poseable ears and a hand embroidered ..
£42.00 £38.00
Charlie Bears - Hinckley
Hinckley is a 15.5 black, grey and white striped plush Charlie bear. He has a silver hand embroidere..
£42.00 £38.00
Charlie Bears - Mud Magnet
Mud Magnet is a 11" white and brindle brown plush puppy. He has oversized paws and a hand stitched b..
£38.00 £32.00
Charlie Bears - Oakfield Bearhouse Bears
Oakfield is a 18.5" camel made from several different soft shades of brown plush Charlie bear. She h..
Charlie Bears - Paws
Paws is a 8" thick dense alpaca puppy. He is fully jointed and has a tiny hand embroidered nose..
£75.00 £68.00
Charlie Bears - Piccallilli - Bearhouse Bears
Piccallilli the mouse is a 17" Charlie bear, made from soft grey plush. He has a cute blac..
Charlie Bears - Sandringham - Bearhouse Bears
  Sandringham is a 18.5" light reddish brown soft plush red squirrel Charlie bear. He h..
Charlie Bears - Scottie
Scottie is a 16.5" black plush puppy dog with a long body and short legs. He has a embroidered ..
£60.00 £45.00
Charlie Bears - Tawnie
Tawnie is a 7" bundle of fluff and was given her name because of her coat, she has been ma..
Charlie Bears - Together
Together is a 17" red & black Charlie bear. He has a hand stitched nose and sculptured paws . He..
Charlie Bears - Windsor -  Bearhouse Bears
Windsor the fox is a 18" Charlie bear, made from soft black, brown and white plush. He has..
Charlie Bears - Denim Keyring
Charlie bears bag buddy/keyring. He is hand finished 5 inch deep blue plush. He wears a&nb..
Charlie Bears - Jersey Keyring
Charlie bears bag buddy/keyring. He is hand finished 5 inch rusty brown plush. He wears a&..
£17.50 £15.00

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