SpiritHoods came into exsistance when four friends, Alexander Mendeluk, Marley Marotta, Chase Hamilton and Ashley Harber were keen to share their passion for Wild Animals. They created the hoods to provide a fashionable means for people to express their love, support and awareness of endangered species. They are available in a selection of different animals and designs to suit your own personality. Celebrities advocating these beautiful designs and the cause behind them are Bruno Mars, Fergie, Kesha, Khloe Kardashian, Una Healy and Vanessa Hudgens. Red wolf, Panda and the Husky SpiritHoods are particularly popular amongst the celebrities and other trend setters. The In Acessories are Official Suppliers of SpiritHoods of LA so please make sure when buying a Hood to buy them from a Official supplier only to ensure you are buying a genuine product.

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Spirithoods - Cape Fox Collectors Edition
Cape Fox Collectors Edition Spirithood   STRATEGIC - CUNNING - ADAPTABLE Do you h..
Spirithoods - Clouded Leopard Collectors Edition
Clouded Leopard Collectors Edition Spirithood INTELLIGENT - FREE - LEADER   ..
Spirithoods - Galaxy Forest Fox Collectors Edition
Galaxy Forest Fox Collectors Edition SpiritHood EXPERIENCED - AWARE - ADAPTABLE  ..
Spirithoods - Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf SpiritHood   Loyal - Social - Wise The wolf is a social animal and a great c..
Based on 2 reviews.
Spirithoods - Husky
Husky SpiritHood    BRAVE - LOYAL - ADVENTUROUS The Husky spirit embodies spiritual..
Based on 1 reviews.
Spirithoods - Leopard
Leopard SpiritHood INTELLIGENT - FREE - LEADER Do you have the spirit of th..
Spirithoods - Mother Bear Hat
Mother Bear Spirithood   RESILIENT - ADAPTABLE - PROTECTOR   Mother Bear meets Mot..
Spirithoods - Mother Clouded Leopard Hat
Mother Clouded Leopard Spirithood   INTELLIGENT - FREE - LEADER  ..
Spirithoods - Mother Meow Hat
Mother Meow Spirithood   ELEGANT - MYSTERIOUS - LUCKY   Do you have..
Spirithoods - Naughty Rabbit Collectors Edition
Naughty Rabbit Collectors Edition SpiritHood TRICKSTER - PLAYFUL - CUNNING ..
Spirithoods - Panda CherryBlossom Bear
Panda CherryBlossom Bear SpiritHood     BALANCE - SOLITUDE - STRENGTH Do you hav..
Spirithoods - Polar Bear Italy
Polar Bear Italy SpiritHood GUARDIAN - CARETAKER - STRENGTH Do you have the Spirit of the Polar ..
Spirithoods - Red Fox
Red Fox SpiritHood Clever - Wise - Adaptable People with the Fox spirit are extremely inte..
Spirithoods - Red Fox 2.0
Red Fox SpiritHood 2.0 Clever - Wise - Adaptable People with the Fox spirit are extremely ..
Spirithoods - Red Wolf
Red Wolf SpiritHood Confident - Loyal - Adventurous The Red Wolf is a social animal ..
Spirithoods - Zebra Collectors Edition
Zebra SpiritHood BALANCE - INDIVIDUALITY - AGILITY Do you have the Spirit o..

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