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Chrysalis Amethyst  Believe Daisy Bangle
Wear your Natural Amethyst Believe bangle and enrich your inner self. Daisies symbolise love and ..
Chrysalis Botswana Agate Tree of Life Bangle
Wear your Natural Botswana Agate Tree of Life bangle and connect to all life on our planet. ..
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Chrysalis Chalcedony Mantra Bangle
Wear your Chalcedony Gemstone Mantra bangle and entice good spiritual energy into your life. ..
Chrysalis Cloudy Quartz Bangle
Wear your Cloudy Quartz Gemstone Festival bangle and allow your creative energy to flow. Music br..
Chrysalis Prehnite Hope Bangle
Wear your Prehnite Gemstone Hope bangle and bring good fortune to your life. Each leaf of your lu..
Chrysalis Rose Quartz Joy Bangle
Wear your Rose Quartz Gemstone Joy bangle and embrace love into your life. The heart represents p..
Chrysalis Turquoise Mother Doll Bangle
Wear your Turquoise Gemstone Mother Doll bangle to offer you protection. She has a history and sp..

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