Good Fortune Collection

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Chrysalis Amethyst Crystal Expandable Bangle
Amethyst symbolises freedom. It is said to inspire hope, love, pride and joy to its wearer. It is..
Chrysalis Aquamarine Crystal Expandable Bangle
Aquamarine symbolises happiness, courage and beauty. It is said to bring good luck and inner peac..
Chrysalis Blue Topaz Crystal Expandable Bangle
Blue Topaz symbolises good fortune, harmony and faith. It is said to enhance creativity and offer..
Chrysalis Diamond Crystal Expandable Bangle
Diamond symbolises strength,purity and belief. It is thought to bring good fortune, prosperity ..
Chrysalis Emerald Crystal Expandable Bangle
Emerald symbolises faith, success and enlightenment. . It is said to encourage wealth, ..
Chrysalis Garnet Crystal Expandable Bangle
Garnet symbolises loyalty and honesty. It is said to enhance creativity and empower the life of the ..
Chrysalis Peridot Crystal Expandable Bangle
Peridot symbolises energy, good karma and love of life. It is said to enhance the cheerful s..
Chrysalis Ruby Crystal Expandable Bangle
Ruby symbolises integrity, devotion and sincerity. It is said to havethe ability to bring ha..
Chrysalis Sapphire Crystal Expandable Bangle
Sapphire symbolises loyalty, truth,sincerity and insight. It is said to empower, bring ..

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